Danielle (dani22884) wrote in camcrazy,

Hmm, a question...

The newest 'whatsit'

anyone know what this is a picture of?

hmm, i dont know what the prize is this time...any suggestions as to what i can give to the winner?

anyways, here you go....
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i think i know what that is,...but im not saying
why not?!!?
Either.. a ceiling panel, the top of an air humidifier-type-thing, a ventilation hole, or a cheese grater.
It's a protein gel. Looks like it was stained using a photochemically sensitive substrate. But the lanes weren't loaded very evenly.
where are you from?
My random curiosity. I was just wondering.
curiosity killed the cat. :)
I run gels once in a blue moon, so thought to give it a try. :)
Oh, you were close. the gels i've used look nothing like that. its the top of a heating vent, but the photograph is not good.
Depends on the gel. Well, a photograph can make anything almost like everything! :)